Sri Lanka Agricultural Economics Association


Jeevika Weerahewa
President 2007/2008
Sri Lanka Agricultural Economics Association

After graduating in 1987, Jeevika was the first female faculty member to join the Department of Agricultural Economics  and Extension of the University of Peradeniya. (predecessor of the current Department of Agricultural Economics and Business Management).  She later earned a masters degree from University of Peradeniya and a Ph.D in agricultural economics from  Guelph  University.  Upon returning to work in 1997, Jeevika added glamour to the profession of agricultural economics by excelling in academic and outreach activities.  She spent her sabbatical leave at her second home (Guelph University) researching on economc impacts of Mad Cow Disease on Canadian Economy.  Jeevika was also a visitng research fellow at IFPRI, and is the national focal point for Asia Pacific Regional Trade Network (ARTNET).  She was elected as the secretary of SAEA for 2000/02 and 2002/04.


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