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10th International Conference on Sri Lanka Studies
"Sri Lanka after Five Hundred years of  Western Colonization and Future Perspectives "
16-18 December 2005,  University of Kelaniya,  Sri Lanka.

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A - F
  [ Agricultural Development ]  [ Archaeology ]  [ Challenges and New Trends in Traditional Economic Sector ]  [ Colonialism and Politics ]
  [ Colonization and Its Impacts ]
  [ Colonization and Language ]  [ Conflict and Conflict Resolution ]
  [ Current Anthropology of Sri Lanka as an Ideology for Re-Colonization ]  [ Defence Studies in Sri Lanka ]

  [ Demographic Transitions in Sri Lanka and Its Impacts ]  [ Development Studies ]  [ Disaster Management and Tsunami
  [ Economic Policy of Sri Lanka and New Trends
] [ Financial Management and New Trends in Sri Lanka ]  [ Fisheries ]  [ Food & Nutrition
G - P
 [ Gender Equity in Higher Education in Sri Lanka ]   [ Geographical and Environmental Studies ]  [ Health and Society in Sri Lanka ]
  [ Human Resources Management ]  [ Indigenous Culture and Social Identity ]

  [ Investment and Stock Market in Sri Lanka ]  [ Land Use ]  [ Legal Reforms ]  [ Linguistics ]  [ Mass Media and Communication ]  [ Mathematics ]
  [ Organisational Behaviour in Sri Lanakn Market Sector ]  [ Perspectives in Foreign Language Studies in Sri Lanka ]
  [ Portuguese Encounters in Sri Lanka ]  [ Poverty

R - W
 [ Regional Economic Development ]  [ Religion ]  [ Special Education ]
  [ Sri Lanka and Economies of East and Southeast Asia ]  [ The New Missionary Position: Current Anthropology

  [ The Role of Vidyalankara and Vidyodaya Pirivenas in the Anti-Colonial Struggle ]  [ University Education and Reforms ]  [ Women’s Studies

 Ideas expressed in the abstracts are those of authors.

 [ Agricultural Development ]

Agriculture Sector in Sri Lanka Fifty Years after Western Colonization: Impacts, Trends and Future Perspectives

Autoregressive Modeling Approach to Forecasting Paddy Yield

Irrigation in conflict Cross Boundary Water Management in a Context of Violent Conflict in East Sri Lanka

Time Fluctuation Models to Forecast Tea Production and Prices in Sri Lanka


 [ Archaeology ]

Colonization of Time: Some Problems in Identification of Archaeological Sites in Sri Lanka

The Conceptual Evolution of Numismatic Research in Sri Lanka: A Retrospect

A New Approach to Typological Classification of Pottery: A Case Study of Lower Kirindi oya Basin in Southern Sri Lanka

Visualizing invisible: use of GIS in settlement archaeology in Sri Lanka, a case study in Lower Kirindi Oya Basin

Archaeology: The Three Savants in the Field of Sri Lankan Buddhist Monastic Architecture


 [ Challenges and New Trends in Traditional Economic Sector ]

Technology Issues in the Sri Lankan Tea Industry with an Emphasis on Regional Plantation Companies: ase Study based on Two Selected Regional Plantation Companies

Technology Transfer and Management of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) with Special Reference to Rubber Industry in Sri Lanka

The Nature, Problems and Challenges of Handicraft Industry in Sri Lanka

Impact of the Procurement System of Supermarkets on the Rural Vegetable Farmers in Sri Lanka

Contribution of Commonly used Medicinal Plants to the Natural Products Market in Sri Lanka

Reconstructing the Corporate Governance Framework: The Case for an Effective System of Governance for the Sri Lankan Corporate Sector

Historical Review on Herbal Trading in Sri Lanka, with Special Reference to Post-Colonial Era


 [ Colonialism and Politics ]

Freedom from Colonization is Bound Up with Freedom of Knowledge

The Impact of the Proportional Representation System on Presidential Powers in Sri Lanka

Regionalism In Sri Lanka: A Study Of Changing Dimensions

The Separatist Problem of Sri Lanka as a Creation of the Westerners and their “Discourses”


 [ Colonization and Its Impacts ] 

Portuguese Expansion - Prime Motives

A Clash of Cultures - A Comparative Analysis of Portuguese, Dutch and British Burgherdom in Sri Lanka and Australia

Disturbances, Riots, Revolt: The Maritime Provinces of Sri Lanka in 1796-97

Investment Policies of the Development of Road Network in Sri Lanka During the British Colonial Period and it’s Impacts to 21st Century


 [ Colonization and Language ]

Testing Errors in Teaching English as a Second Language

Language and Identity after Five Hundred Years of Colonization

Softening of Ethnic Boundaries in Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost

Translation of a Given Simple English Sentence into its Equivalent in Sinhala using a Speech Synthesizer

Influence of L1 in Code Switching

Code Switching

The Present Socio-Economic-Political Culture and the Myth of English as an Access to Social Equality in Post-Colonial Sri Lanka

The Impact of Affective Factors in the L2 Class and a Technique to Overcome them

Degree, Foreign Degree or Degree in English? The Case of Students Studying for Foreign External Degrees in Sri Lanka


 [ Conflict and Conflict Resolution ]

Extremist Organization to Mainstream Political Party: Genesis and Growth of JVP in Sri Lanka

Indo-Sri Lankan Ties: A Long View

Ethnic Violence in Sri Lanka: Comparing Security Solutions from other Similar Intractable Conflicts

Re- writing History and Conflict Resolution

The Peace Process in Sri Lanka and the Role of Civil Society

Negotiating Peace in Sri Lanka: Dynamics and Implications


 [ Current Anthropology of Sri Lanka as an Ideology for Re-Colonization ]

The Social Dynamics of the Formation of an Anti Sri Lankan Subculture in Department of Sociology in the 1960s

Contemporary Art in Sri Lanka

The Social Structure and Filtering Mechanisms for the Anti national Sociology/Anthropology Literature: An Excursion into the Sociology of Sociology

Searching   for Traces of Protestantism among Buddhists in the Panadura Controversy Documents

Colonial Construction: Panadura Vaaday in the Anthropological Literature


 [ Defence Studies in Sri Lanka ]

Ethnicity and Social Composition of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces(C. 1949-2005)

Onward Buddhist Soldiers: The Sri Lankan Civil War through the Eyes of Buddhist Military Personnel

The Indian Ocean as a Security Problem: Four Perspectives from International Relations Theory

Sri Lanka’s National Security Challenges Since Independence and the Response of Its Armed Forces

The LTTE Air Asset

Ideological Warfare: Role of Foreign Funded NGOs and the Death of Civil Society in Sri Lanka

Economic Development and National Defence in Sri Lanka

Ocean Resources and Maritime Strategy for Sri Lanka

Suicide Terrorism and Its Impact – Sri Lankan Perspective

Challenges Faced by the Sri Lanka Army on Implementing International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights


 [ Demographic Transitions in Sri Lanka and Its Impacts ]

Technology in the Aging World

Socio-economic Consequences of the Ageing of the Population in Sri Lanka

Reproductive Health of Katunayake FTZ Migrant Female Workers: A Study of Their Intimate Relationships, Contraceptive Knowledge and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Planning for Economic and Social Security: Are Parents ready to face Old Age?

Impediments in the Socio, Educational, Economic and Political Developments of Muslims


 [ Development Studies ]

Economic Development, Openness to Trade and Environmental Sustainability in Sri Lanka

Development Strategies in Sri Lanka: Lessons Drawn from a Comparative Review

Sustainable Development in Sri Lanka – An Outsider’s View

Peripheral Backwardness in Rapidly Developing Regions: A Case Study in Gampaha District in Sri Lanka

An Anthropological Analysis on the Present Face of Ancient Hydraulic Civilization in Sri Lanka: With Special Reference to the Socio Economic and Cultural Study on Kapirikgama Cascade of North Central Province

Alternatives to Power Crisis: Economics of Two Dendropower Plants in Sri Lanka

Electricity Demand for Sri Lanka: A Time Series Analysis

Expectations and Reality of Tourism Development: A Case Study on Unawatuna, from the South Coast Tourist Region of Sri Lanka

Model for Tourism Forecasting and Policy in Complex Situations


 [ Disaster Management and Tsunami ] 

People’s Consultation on Post-tsunami RRR in Sri Lanka

Impact of Tsunami on the Insurance Industry in Sri Lanka

The Role of Civil Society Organizations and Politicians in Disaster Management in Sri Lanka: A Study of Post-tsunami Rehabilitation Work

A Comparative Analysis on Perceived Needs and Future Aspirations of Men and    Women Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka Who Were Affected by Tsunami

Social Harmony in Ampara District with Special Reference to Post Tsunami Development

Friendly Visitors from Down Under: A Case Work on Australian Humnaitarian Project in Sri Lanka


 [ Economic Policy of Sri Lanka and New Trends  ]

Fiscal Policy and Aid in Sri Lanka

Impact of ISO 9000 Certification on Sri Lankan Industry and Need for a Total Quality Approach

Assessment of innovative business opportunities and models to serve aging population in Sri Lanka

Environmental values for Decision Making: A Review of Travel Cost Method Applications in Sri Lanka

Skills Mismatch Hypothesis and its Relevance in Explaining the Current Unemployment in Sri Lanka

E-enabling the Sri Lankan Agriculture Industry

Changes in the Trade Policy Regime in Sri Lanka


 [ Financial Management and New Trends in Sri Lanka ] 

Budgetary Participation and Managerial Performance of Functional Managers in Sri Lankan Manufacturing Companies: An Empirical Study

Impact of Central Bank Repurchase and Reverse Repurchase Rates Changes on Inter-bank Call Money Market in Sri Lanka

Financial Liberalization and its Impact on Resource Reallocation in Sri Lanka

The Impact of Earnings and Cash Flows in Explaining Stock Returns


 [ Fisheries ]

The Case of Sri Lankan Fisheries Sector: Case Study Based on Selected Rural Fishing Areas and the Institutions Involved in Fisheries Sector

Evaluation of Feed Management Strategies in Shrimp Culture Ponds in Sri Lanka

Why Shrimp Culture is Blamed? The Interactions of Diverse Natural Resources Utilization in Shrimp Culture

Ancient Reservoirs of Sri Lanka: A Modern Biological Resource for Assuring Food Security in Rural Communities


 [ Food & Nutrition ] 

Household Food Security and Nutritional Status of Preschool Children

Intra House Hold Food Allocation Behaviour of Up Country Tea Plantation Workers in Sri Lanka

Fast Foods on the Customers Perspectives- Special Reference to the Customers in Urban, Semi Urban and Interior Locations in Sri Lanka


 [ Gender Equity in Higher Education in Sri Lanka ]

Gender Equity in Higher Education in Sri Lanka: Beyond Access

Gender Policy in Higher Education in Sri Lanka

Gender Equity Interventions on Access in a Sri Lankan University

Scope and Limits of Women’s Empowerment in Sri Lanka


 [ Geographical and Environmental Studies ]

Environmental Management:  A Lesson from Giants of the Corporate Sector in Sri Lanka

Climate Change Research in Sri Lanka

Geographical Information Systems: An efficient Method for the  Selection of Student for Grade One in Government Schools of Sri Lanka

Changes of Shoreline in Western Coast in Sri Lanka from 1935 to 2005

Spatial and Temporal Profiles of the Occurrence of Droughts in Sri Lanka


 [ Health and Society in Sri Lanka ]

Vulnerable and Invisible: Sri Lankan Homosexually Active Men and HIV/AIDS.

Characteristics of Undergraduates Who Frequently Consult University Medical Officers, and Workload Generated by them

Medicalization of Pregnancy and Childbirth in Sri Lanka

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Mothers on Feeding and Growth of Young Children in Tea Plantation Sector in Sri Lanka

Injecting Drug Users in Sri Lanka

Opinion Survey on Heroin Trafficking in Sri Lanka

The Role of Health Organizations in Muslim Youth Welfare – A Sri Lankan Perspective


 [ Human Resources Management ]

Human Resource Function in the Strategy Process: A Case for Convergence

The Impact of Employee Personality Types on Customer Orientation

The Impact of Culture-Related Meaning and Values of Work  Orientations on Contextual and Task Performance: Sri Lankan Experience

Labour Turnout in the Plantation Sector: A Study on Selected Large Scale Tea Estates in Sri Lanka

New Insights on the Relationship among Organizational Change, Organizational Culture, Employee Motivation and Organizational Development

IT Industry Labour Turnover: The Reality


  [ Indigenous Culture and Social Identity ]

The Rodiya People and Social Change: with reference to Uva Province in Sri Lanka

Longing for Equal Status: A Study on Changing Social Status among the Plantation Tamils in Sri Lanka

Indigenous knowledge in Sri Lanka: its Nature, Preservation and Development: Scenario 500 years after the Western Occupation

Social Plurality and Development with Disparity in the Post-colonial Sri Lanka  Limits and Scope for Compatibility

Gypsy Culture and Society in the Changing World: A Sociological Analysis


  [ Investment and Stock Market in Sri Lanka ]

Investigation of Stock Market Development and Financial Leverage of Corporate Firms: An Emerging Market Experience

Output, Stock Volatility and Political Uncertainty: Evidence from Sri Lanka

Why do some Investors prefer Fundamentally Weak Stocks?

Share Price Reactions to the Announcement of Rights Issues on the Colombo Stock Market


 [ Land Use ]

Land Allocation for Crops through Spatial Multi-Criteria Evaluation Approach: A Case Study of Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka

A Study on the Consequence Results of Land Policy Reforms in Sri Lanka since Western Colonization

The Profits of Doom: Agriculture, Construction,Water and Land Use in Jaffna Peninsula

Land fragmentation in rural Sri Lanka: A Sociological analysis of a Southern Sri Lankan village


 [ Legal Reforms ]

Human Rights in the Corporate Sector: Applicability of the UN Norms in the Context of Sri Lanka

The Concept of Witness and Victim Protection in the International Criminal Law: A Comparative Study


  [ Linguistics ] 

Documentation of Endangered Languages – The Case of Sri Lanka Malay

Aspects of Intercultural Communication in Foreign Language Teaching in Sri Lanka

Estate Tamil: A New Variety of Tamil

The Spectral Analysis of Sinhalese Vowel

 [ Mass Media and Communication ] 

Study of the Changing Patterns of Religious Communication as Media Insights with Special Reference to Buddhist Concepts

An Empirical Study on Message Source Attributes Reflected by Children in Television Advertising; An Audience Perspective

An overview of Print Media and New Trends after the Colonial Period in Sri Lanka

Understanding Customer’s Perception of Colours and Its Impact on the Effectiveness of Television Advertisements in Sri Lankan milieu

King in his subject’s cloths: Anti-colonialist characters in post colonial western cinema explored through Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi and Cry Freedom


[ Mathematics ]

New Theorem on Primitive Pythagorean Triples

Constructive Relativism

A Different Look at the Primitive Integral Triads

[ Organisational Behaviour in Sri Lanakn Market Sector ]

Audience Acculturation as an Organizational Control Strategy: Transferability of Japanese Management Practices to Sri Lankan Workers: Case Study of Harness Lanka Ltd

Profit & Competition of the Insurance Industry in Sri Lanka with a special Emphasis on, Non - Life Insurance Business

Determinants of Growth of Supermarkets in Sri Lanka

Changing Consumer Preferences and Urban Buyer Behaviour: The Case of Sri Lanka

Supervisors’ Turnover Intention: A Study on Sri Lankan Garment Industry

Employee Morale and Leadership Styles: A Study on the Most Attractive Leadership Style in the Sri Lankan Banking Sector

Urban Land and Property Markets in Colombo, Sri Lanka: Its way through Past Decades

The Learning Process (Learning Culture) of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Sri Lanka


 [ Perspectives in Foreign Language Studies in Sri Lanka ]

Aspects of intercultural communication in Foreign Language Teaching in Sri Lanka

Integrating ICT in foreign language teaching: A Sri Lankan experience

Japanese Language Education in Sri Lanka: A critical analysis of the past, present and future

Difficulties encountered by Sinhala native speakers in learning French as a foreign language: Aspects of negation in Sinhala and French

Teaching of Chinese as a foreign language in Sri Lanka


  [ Portuguese Encounters in Sri Lanka ]

Resistance Movement of the Littorals against Portuguese Dominance

Sandesa Kavya Descriptions of Sites Destroyed by the Portuguese

Sinhala Weapons and Armor: Adaptation in Response to European Style Warfare

Kandyan Resistance:  Weapons, Tactics, Strategy

The Spiritual Conquest: Baptism or Conversion?

Role of the Portuguese in Introducing Plants to Sri Lanka

Introduction of Sri Lankan Biota to the Western World By the Portuguese

Portuguese Aggression in India

How Goa Resisted Culturally For 500 Years: Local Indian Culture in a Harsh Environment

Exploitation of the Sinhala Royal Youth in the Portuguese Extension of Power

Contentious Issues in the Early Interaction between Kotte and the Portuguese (1505-1521)

The Fiction on Portuguese Events Unfolded

Some thoughts on the Spatial and Architectural Impacts

Issues of Apology and Compensation for Portuguese Destruction

Eastern Muslim Settlements

Portuguese and Sri Lankan Muslims

Global Reach: Sri Lankan Travellers during the Pre-Portuguese Period

The Portuguese Reign of Terror against Buddhists and other non – Christians in Sri Lanka

The Impact of the Currents and Wind Systems in the Indian Ocean on the Probable Routes of the Ancient Seafarers

Maldivian Seafaring in the Pre-Portuguese Period

Evolution through Interaction: Sri Lankan Watercraft in the Pre Portuguese Period and Afte


 [ Poverty ] 

Poverty and Social Capital among Tamil Plantation Community of Sri Lanka

Comparison of Current status of well-being of Samurdhi beneficiaries with respect to their business activities

Pluriactivity and Socio-economic Success of Rural Households

Sociological Study on Impact of the Ethnic Conflict on Poverty: A Case Study from War Affected Environment

The Government Policy Implication on Coastal Poverty in Fishing Communities in Sri Lanka (with reference to Colombo and Gampaha Coastal Belt)

Are Poor Protected From Risk? A Micro-Insurance Perspective

Protracted Ethnic Conflict: Barriers to Ethnic Harmony in Sri Lanka


 [ Regional Economic Development ]

Is a Strong Economy Important for a Small Neighbouring Open Economy?

Common Currency for SAARC Nations: Opinions and Aspects

ASEAN 5 founding nations and SAARC nations: A comparison

SAARC Obligations and its Impact on Kerala with Emphasis on Sri Lankan Influence

The Role of Transnational Corporations (TNCs) in the Context of  dveloping Countries


 [ Religion ]

Evangelical Christian Dynamics in Sri Lanka

Indigenous Management & Buddhism: The role Buddhism to Indigenous Management Practices in Sri Lanka

The Institutional Establishment of Buddhism in Germany by the “Buddhistischer Missionsvere in fuer Deutschland / BMVfD(Sitz Leipzig)” in 1903 with regard to  the importance of its Lankan ties

Religious Harmony: An Harbinger of Peace and Tranquillity in Sri Lanka

A Comparison Between the Education of Christian and Buddhist Clergy in Sri Lanka with Respect to Missionary Attitudes and Activities


  [ Special Education ]

Technical Education in Sri Lanka: Appropriateness and Effectiveness of Training Programmes Initiated through Foreign Grants

Profile of Early Childhood Education in Sri Lanka: Analyzing the Past, Designing a Way Forward

Educating for Critical Disability Studies within a Sri Lankan Context: An Exploration into a Problematic

Future Perspectives of Chemistry Education Five Hundred Years after Western Colonization in Sri Lanka

Encouraging Entrepreneurship Education and Development in Jaffna District

Teacher Skills required Facilitating ICT Driven Learning

Research as Performance and as Activism or Subjects and Informants as Innovators and as Activists


  [ Sri Lanka and Economies of East and Southeast Asia ] 

Traditional Character and Political Fate of Modern Chinese Intellectuals

The Economy Growth Patterns in Hainan SEZ in China

Labour Productivity, Export and FDI in a Structural Equation Analysis:Case of Manufacturing Industries of Shandong, China

Main characteristics of present China's arbitration system


  [ The New Missionary Position: Current Anthropology  ] 

The Social Dynamics of the Formation of an Anti Sri Lankan Subculture in Department of Sociology in the 1960s

Contemporary Art in Sri Lanka

The Social Structure and Filtering Mechanisms for the Anti national Sociology/Anthropology Literature: An Excursion into the Sociology of Sociology

Searching   for Traces of Protestantism among Buddhists in the Panadura Controversy Documents

Colonial Construction: Panadura Vaaday in the Anthropological Literature


  [ The Role of Vidyalankara and Vidyodaya Pirivenas in the Anti-Colonial Struggle ] 

The Contributions of Vidyalankara and Vidyodaya to the Political, Intellectual and Social Discourse in Sri Lanka

Unpublished Documents on the Sri Lankan Intellectual History of the 19th Century

The Further Consequences of the Contribution of Sri Lankan Monks to British Buddhist Studies: What Happened Next in the Childers Family?


 [ University Education and Reforms ]

The ABC of Reciprocal Learning at the Post Graduate Level: The Co-learning Experience of Sri Lankans at one University in Australia

Determinants of Graduates’ Employability in Sri Lanka: How can the Employability of Graduates be Increased?

The learning process (Learning Culture) of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Sri Lanka

A Theoretical Foundation to Foster the University Education System in Sri Lanka; Pragmatic Approach to Evacuate the Age-old Gap

The Effect of Western Colonization on ‘School Cultures’ and its Impact on Learning and Teaching English

An Analysis of the Prevailing Statistics Education in Sri Lanka and Feasible Solutions to Uplift it

Graduates’ Employability Skills: Final Year Undergraduates’ Perspective

Impact of Student-Teacher Relationships on the Crisis at University of Sri Jayewardenepura: Student Perspective -Faculty of Management Studies  and Commerce

Issues of Using Applications of Information Science and Technology in Sri Lankan Universities

Abuse Potentials of the University Students

Students’ Assessment: Contrasting Perspectives of the Undergraduates and their Lecturers

Graduate Unemployability: Values and Perspectives


 [ Women’s Studies ]

From the Global to the Personal -Sri Lankan Feminist Epistemologies

Labour Migration of women: Impact on Household Income, Savings and Investment as Integral Component of Economic Development in Sri Lanka

The Decision Making Role of Women in the Public Sector of Sri Lanka

A Curriculum for Women by Women: Curriculum Transformation at the University of Colombo

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