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11th International Conference on Sri Lanka Studies
"Social Realities and Natural Environment in Sri Lanka: Insiders' and Outsiders' Perspective"
01 - 03 November 2007,  University of Portsmouth,  the UK.

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11th ICSLS Abstracts


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 Ideas expressed in these abstracts are those of individual authors. Sri Lanka Studies Network should not be attributed any responsibility on the content of abstracts.

Use of Solar Energy for Social Development and Reduction of Poverty in Sri Lanka  (PLENARY LECTURE):

Software of Mind and Advertising Effectiveness: A Cross Cultural Study of Advertising Effectiveness

Defying Iberian Imperialism

Role of Institutions with regard to Fisher Livelihoods and Resource Conservation: Small-scale Craft Fishery in Sri Lanka

 Post Tsunami Rehabilitation Project: at Damniyangama Resettlement Eco-Village Development Project: in Kalutara District of Sri Lanka

The Fit between National Culture, Organisational Culture and Management Practices and its Effect on Employee Satisfaction and Commitment

Intra-State Armed Conflict in Sri Lanka; Implications for South Asian Security

 Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) as Extremist Organization to Political Party: Dynamics and Implications

 Investors Attitudes and Investment in Unit Trusts: A Case Study of Sri Lanka

 Outsiders Looking in: Standpoint Perspectives from Sri Lankan Anthropology Studies

Insiders looking out: Sinhalese Buddhist lay and Monk Encounters with the West in the 19th and Early 20th century in comparison with the last 40 years

An Outsider looking in: Max Weber’s Social Construction of Buddhism

 Nature of Post-Colonial State in Sri Lanka

 Seasonality Effect of Emerging Stock Markets: Evidence from Sri Lanka

 Relationship between Type of Residence and Undergraduates’ Academic Performance

 Determinants of Academic Performance of Accounting Undergraduates

 Buddhist Monasticism in Sri Lanka: a Social Approach

 A Brief Note on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Pakistan and Sri Lanka

 Burials within the Dutch Reformed Churches of Sri Lanka

 Social Reality of Sri Lanka: An Overview

Environment Friendly Rubber Industry of Sri Lanka: Major Contributor for

CO2 Reduction

A Prime Tourist Destination of the Country – Will Hikkakduwa be a Tragedy?

 Carl Theodor Strauss, Buddhist activist and Author (1852 – 1937)

 A Quality of Life Study on Urban Slum Residents and its Effects on Urban Poverty in Sri Lanka.

 How to develop Eco-tourism for Biodiversity Conservation

 How to Develop Sustainability of Wetlands Prevention Wetland future trends

 Need of Establishing National Sports Information Centre in Sri Lanka

 "Sub-Metropolitenization and its Impacts on Watershed in the Adjacent Areas of the Colombo Metropolitan Region”.

 The World through English? Evaluation of English Language Textbooks Use in Secondary Schools in Sri Lanka.

 Effects of Small Arms and Light Weapons on Communities: with Special Reference to Non-Conflict Regions of Sri Lanka

International Development Agencies Intervention in Infrastructural Development: A Case of ADB

 Intervention in Road Sector Development in Sri Lanka

The Backwardness of Development in the Rural peripheries of Rapidly Changing Areas in Sri Lanka: A Case Study of Gampaha District

 Re-building Communities in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami Disaster

 Spatial Strategies to Minimize Regional Disparities in Sri Lanka.

The Validity of Economic Value Added, Market Value Added and Financial Accounting Measures for
 Explaining Stock Returns: An Empirical Study of Listed Companies in the Colombo Stock Exchange

The Maternity Care: Historical Evolution and Future Perspectives

 Potentials for Localising MDGs:  A Case Study of Moratuwa Municipal Council (MMC) Area

 Globalization and its Consequences on Developing Countries

 The Recent Discovery of New Cultural Phase “Phostmesolihic” in Sri Lanka

 Assessment of Morphmetric Characteristics of Randenigala Reservoir Catchment Using GIS as a Tool, Sri Lanka

 Social Dynamics at the Forest Edge: A Changing Frontier in the National Heritage of Sri Lanka

 Tourism in Sri Lanka and its Impact on Social Political and Natural Environment

Social Impacts of Landslide Disasters with Special Reference to Sri Lanka

 Post Tsunami Activities: Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and their Impact on Sri Lankan society

 National Security and Human Rights

 Government Sector Institutional Set Up for Development of Tea Industry in Sri Lanka

 An Evaluation on Welfare Process for Female Inmates with Reference to Female Ward – Walikada.

 An Evaluation on Post Tsunami Psychological Counselling Process in Kalutara District.

Political Interferences and the Role of the Public Performance Board: An Analysis based on the Film

 "Purahanda Kaluwara" (Death on a Full Moon Day) by Prasanna Vithanage.

Rapid Prevalence Survey on Cannabis use in Hambantota and Moneragala Districts.

 Ground Water Quality Improvement through Eco System Management  Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

 Latest Developments in Thin Film Photovoltaic Solar Cells

 Bibliographic Control of Early Printed Works in Sri Lanka

 Potential for Development of Eco-Tourism in Sri Lanka

 Open Economy in a Tense situation; Sri Lanka's Experiences

 Judicial Administration System in Ancient Sri Lanka: A Review of Primary Sources

 An Alternative Approaches to Manage Solid Waste in Sri Lanka: Case Study: Weligama Urban Council (WUC)

Role of Integrated Economic Circuit Systems in Rural Development: the Changing Trends of the Periodic

 Market System in Sri Lanka: A Case Study of Gampaha District

Communicational Meanings of Bali Ritual: An Analysis of Communication Perspectives

 Evaluation of Water Scarcity in the Selected Area of Hambantota District Using RS and GIS Technology

Risk Behaviour: A Gendered Analysis of the Determinants of Health and Well Being in Young Men and

 Women in Post Conflict Sri Lanka

 Income Distribution in an Open Economy. Sri Lankan's Experience 1977-2006

 Impact of Volunteerism in Tsunami Recovery Small Grants Programme

Impact of the Micro Finance on Poverty Alleviation in Sri Lanka





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