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9th International Conference on Sri Lanka Studies
" Sri Lanka at Crossroads: Continuity and Change "
28-30 November 2003,  University of Ruhuna, Matara, Sri Lanka.

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Agriculture and Extension Services
  Unhealthy practices of pesticide use by farmers in a village in Puttalam District     8
  Pesticides: A growing health hazard in Sri Lanka           9
  Characteristics of rice consumption in Sri Lanka: Prospects for sustainability of the domestic rice production 10
  Sri Lankan agriculture at crossroads: crisis or opportunity?        11
Business Management

   Extending UMM with Speech Acts  1
  A neglected aspect of business: Human and social capital in the Sri Lankan tea plantation sector      2
  The impact of socio-cultural background on management and business practices of selected small and medium scale business in Sri Lanka                103
  Structure and agency in entrepreneurship research: An alternative research framework        75
  Cultural barriers against development of domestic industries: the case of small and medium food processing enterprises in Sri Lanka       76
  Are Sri Lankans motivated by the need for achievement?            99
  Economic aspects of Sri Lankan gem industry               135
  Towards a knowledge-based economy: Enhancing technological and innovation capabilities of SMEs in Sri Lanka       77
  Labour productivity and openness of manufacturing industry of Guangdong, China            78
  Colonial hotels - their contribution towards cultural heritage tourism in Sri Lanka  80
  Factors determining the performance of rural micro-enterprises in Sri Lanka: the case of Matara District           110
  Theory, surprise and reality: exploring the world of the Sri Lankan entrepreneur    98
  Entrepreneurial characteristics of Jaffna investors        139
  Managing investment incentives in tourism development: evidence from Sri Lanka               133
  Industrialization of Hainan SEZ: Reality, countermeasures and the industrialization index    79
  Government audit: A review of employees’ attitudes on public sector enterprises in Sri Lanka            170
  The demand for money in Sri Lanka: A structural vector error correction approach                91
  The Impact of foreign direct investment for economic growth (A case study of Sri Lanka)   92
  Macroeconomic influence on the stock market: Evidence from an emerging market in South Asia      90
  The effects of financial liberalization on market structure, financial intermediate and savings mobilization – A case study in Sri Lanka      111
  The factors causing informal sector more attractive in rural financial markets as providers of credit   127
  Precepts and practice of bureaucracy              102
  Deconstructing “Management” and its implications for learning and teaching of management in Sri Lanka      3
  Habermasian way of understanding information systems deployment in organizations in Sri Lanka   106
  A research agenda for strategic management research in developing countries      12
Children & Society
  Child work, attendance and school performance            21
  Prevalence of under-nutrition among pre-school children from low-income groups in Colombo : Impact of low quality and quantity of nutrient intakes                160
 Preschool children and violence: Psychological profile                169
 Malnutrition in pre-School children of Jaffna Society- A post - exodus statistical perspective             96
 The worst from of child labor: Commercial sex in Sri Lanka          149
 Children in insurrection with special reference to the ethnic insurrection of Sri Lanka           167
Economic Growth & Development
  Measuring international competitiveness       147
  Community governance in rural development                93
 A comparative study of the development indicators of Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia  95
  Ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka: Implications for India’s security      119
  Outward orientation: Economic development policy for small economies 94
  Total factor productivity dynamics of manufacturing industries in Sri Lanka in the post-trade liberalization period         87
  Understanding the Sri Lankan consumer preferences: A system-wide analysis       86
  The economy-wide impact of total factor productivity growth of manufacturing industries in Sri Lanka: A computable general equilibrium approach               88
  Technical efficiency and the productivity imperative in the manufacturing industries in Sri Lanka      89
Education & Employment
  Employer needs and graduate skills: The gap between employer expectations and job expectations of Sri Lankan university graduates    29
  Education and employment in Sri Lanka: A look toward the future            31
  How should we reform the higher education system in Sri Lanka?             27
  Education as a vehicle for professionalisation and social mobility: A critical review of the process and outcomes from a biographical perspective    28
  Returns to over-education in Sri Lanka            30
Education & Information Technology
  Deductive formal proof in geometry: Implications for instructional practices           22
  Developing conceptual understanding of chemical equilibrium through the use of computer-based visualization software            23
  Sri Lankans playing with Mac’s: Insights into the ‘mind tools’ needed for computer learning             24
Emerging issues in Environment and Climatic Change
  Rethinking vulnerability to climate change in Sri Lanka                4
  Defining security negotiating rights: The influence of environmental impact assessment legislation  5
  Designing a visitors' eco-trail for nature conservation in Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka         7
  Environmental economics: A review of Sri Lankan studies          6
  Environmental movements in Sri Lanka           100
Ethnic Conflict
  Knowledge of conflict and ethnicity; young people and reintegration of communities in the north of Sri Lanka              42
  Forward process of conflict analysis: An application to the Sri Lankan conflict      43
  Norway, a 25 year odyssey: From sympathiser to colonial intruder            60
  Responses of the majority community to the ethnic conflict in a multi ethnic society: A study of the present conflict of Sri Lanka              152
  British colonialization: Origin of the racial conflict in Sri Lanka (1796-1947)              40
  Interplay between competition for scarce resources and identity issues in the May 2001 Riots of Mawanella  44
  Ethnic riots as an aspect of changing ethnic relations in Sri Lanka            45
  A study on the impact of war on the Portuguese Burghers of Batticaloa  46
Ethnicity & Culture

  The “multi-ethnicisation and “multi-religionisation” of Sri Lanka: Unwrapping the sociological pretensions of minoritarian ideologies      117
  Historical significance of the recent discovery of Tamils' Coins of the period before 2000 years in Sri Lanka    115
  Sri Lanka as a key international centre of intellectual discourse: A historical perspective with special reference to Southeast Asia                             8
  The people of Sri Lanka-and their origins        144
  Dutch Burgherdom in Sri Lanka and Australia: Cultural crossroads and changing identities incorporating migrant reminiscences of Sri Lanka.                38
  Citizenship, stateless persons and ethno-cultural identity consolidation in the post-colonial Sri Lanka             39
Fiction, Music & Social Reality
  Because Pigs Can Fly: ‘Race’, sexuality and difference in Shyam Selvadurai’s “Funny Boy”               34
  Growing up female in Sri Lanka: A feminist perspective of Punyakante  Wijenaike's A Way of Life    107
  ''With Your Milk, Mother, I Swallowed Ice": An analysis of the mother-daughter relationship in Punyakante Wijenaike's The Waiting Earth                113
  Modernization of south Indian classical music concerts              14
  Image of Otherness during the Conflict and Quest of Oneness Beyond– Jean Arasanayagam: The writer’s empathy and the reader’s agenda                33
  Changing Faces: The Sri Lankan woman in stories of migration 32
Foreign Policy & International Relations
  Simhala-Tamil reconciliation and the Indian connection               55
  Sri Lanka's foreign policy since 1994                                57
  Maritime security of India and Sri Lanka         59
  India-Sri Lanka relations: The Biography of a non-policy            56
Gender & Society
  Social dimension of domestic violence            61
  The role of women in coconut-based income generation activities in Sri Lanka       62
  Conflict and survival: Sinhala female-headship in eastern Sri Lanka          63
  Mundane heroines: Factoring gender and ethnicity into female-headship                64
  Migrant female domestic labor: Answer to rural poverty in the context of globalization?      65
  Human resource management: A postmodern reading  66
  Violence against migrant workers:  The case of female migrants from Sri Lanka       155
  Position of women in Hinduism and Buddhism: A comparative perspective            165
  Harassment of Sri Lankan female employees in the Middle East and its reproductive health consequences      171
  Factors affecting the success of micro level women entrepreneurs in southern province in Sri Lanka                146
  Women entrepreneurs in Jaffna: Origins and characteristics       140

Health, Illness & Society
  Unripe and ripe concepts in ayurveda and treatment behavior: A sociological review           143
   Lesson learnt on an endemic problem in the Dry Zone Sri Lanka: With special focus on Monaragala District  84
  Social and Psychological factors associated to infertility and their consequences on quality of life of infertile couples in Sri Lanka            166

Land Policies & Management
  The variability of rainfall in relation to land use in the Hambantota District              153
  Land readjustment as a land management technique for urban areas         108
  Monitoring temporal land use/land cover changes using RS/GIS techniques in war ravaged northern Sri Lanka               13
Linguistic Training and Understanding
  Some computational aspects of natural language understanding: A case study on Spoken Sinhala   15
  Impact of English loan words on modern Sinhala          17
  The Vocabulary of Sri Lankan English: Word & phrases that transform a foreign language into Sri Lankas' own             26
National Defence
  The role of disinformation and misinformation in the Tamil Eelam Project 41
  Psychological operations, LTTE and Sri Lanka              97
  Indo-Sri Lanka fishermen’s conflict in the north sea of Sri Lanka               101
  Massacre of surrendered 600 Policemen of Sri Lanka: A case for a war crime?         137
National Politics
  Graveyard of Peace? Spatial politics and political geographies in post-war Sri Lanka             47
  Good governance is a salutary influence over world politics       48
  The Actor and the President: Assassination politics in Sri Lanka*            49
  Designing state through democracy in Sri Lanka: Legacies and challenges             53
  Role of national defense as a public good:  The case of Sri Lanka              54
  Composite nationalism and contesting nationalities in the post-colonial Sri Lanka: Dynamics and implications               52
  Foreign funds and the assault on sovereignty and truth              51
  Constitution-Making and conflict management: A comparative study on South Africa and Sri Lanka                172
  South Indian DMK and Sri Lankan Helahaula: Similar origin but different trajectories           148
  Reflections on the Indian perspectives of the geo-strategic importance of Sri Lanka             116
  A Critical reading of the Jathika Chinthanaya 50
Peace Building & Social Harmony
  Peaceful Identities? cosmopolitanism and civic peace building in Sri Lanka             35
  Are Sri Lankans with the Peace Process?        145
  Greed and peace   141
  War and ethnic identity in an ethnically mixed village community in Panama Village in the Ampara District of Sri Lanka                114
  Risking peace: Comparing mistrust-reducing strategies in the Sri Lankan peace processes  154
  Transition from war to peace: A sociological study to facilitate social reconstruction process in the war-torn areas of north and east of Sri Lanka     37
  Federalism: An alternative or a gateway to separation  159
  Buddhist Sangha and Peace Process               36
  Panama: A historical study                150
Pedagogical Issues in Teaching & Learning
  Perceived stress in a sample of G. C. E. (A/L) students in Sri Lankan schools          16
  Teaching English in urban Sri Lanka: Some pedagogical issues 19
  A Sri Lankan variety of English?. Exploding fallacy      126
  ‘English Language at the Crossroads’             18
  Student perceptions of a new course: a study in relation to the course unit system in the Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya       20
  Consistency and variability in learning strategies and conceptions of learning among a group of third year medical students in Sri Lanka                25
  Construction of Small Group Instructional Techniques (SGIT) in higher education teaching in Sri Lankan context; a requirement of the change   109
Poverty Alleviation

  Impact of micro financing on empowerment of rural women through Samurdi bank associations         161
  Three wheeler taxies as an urban poverty reducing instrument in Sri Lanka             81
  Grameen banks and empowerment of the women           83
  At the periphery of development: Poverty trends in Hambantota District 82
  Targeting Samurdhi Group Credit: Who participates and why    124
  The impact of food stamps and micro-finance on household welfare: evidence from Sri Lanka            125
  Beyond Regaining Sri Lanka, PRSP RRR: Towards a Participatory Paradigm           156
  Keeping the People’s Surplus in the People’s Hands: The Ranna Story   157
  Fundamentals for poverty eradication in Sri Lanka and the Three-Sector Growth Model       158
Religion & Society

  Archaeological heritage management: Historical analysis of the concepts and forms of Buddhist monasteries                151
  Mutual fulfillment (annamannam paripuri): educational goal of Buddhism                138
  Boundaries and identities: construction of identities through religious festivals    130
  Panadura Vaadaya: An anti-colonial struggle distorted by contemporary colonial scholars 121
  The return to colonial policies and Christian dominance              122
  A comparative analysis on the Cessation Attainment  142
  Indian reformers in Sri Lanka: Guru Nanak's visit- A myth or reality?         69
  Gross under-representation of Buddhists in the Lake House Group English Newspapers     70
  Imagining non western civilizations: Obeyesekera on Karma and Buddhism            71
  ‘Round-pilgrimages’ and the spiritual landscape           67
  Towards an alternative development paradigm based on Buddhism's Middle Path-to solve national and global problems            68
  Committing suicide: a Buddhist perspective   129


Social Order & Social Relations
  "Kultur -haramanis" clash: A participant's perspective of social origins of Sri Lankan sociology        136
  Land ownership, caste and poverty in a changing Kandyan Village          134
  Strategies of maintaining social order in pre-modern Sri Lanka   74
  Social factors in English studies: persistence of colonial attitudes among Buddhists?          118
  Transformational leadership in the Sri Lanka context: A theoretical and empirical investigation          128
  Civil society’s role in the process of rehabilitating the prisoners                72
  The dynamics of social relations in Sri Lanka: An approach through an analysis of cricket  73

Southern Province Development
  Economic development and its effect on the behaviour of lagoon fishermen in southern Sri Lanka    123
  Financial institutions and Southern Province entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka  112
  Demand side factors of food security: Empirical evidences From Moneragala District: Sri Lanka         85
Urban Living
   A measure of urban livelihood vulnerability: The case of Colombo           162
  Slums, squatter areas and informal settlements: Do they block or help urban sustainability in developing contexts        163
  Liberalized economic policies and occupational changes of Colombo City               168
  Conservation of historical residential buildings in urban settings              120
  Sustainability of informal small businesses associated with urban slums and shanties in Sri Lanka: The case of Wanathamulla   131
Water Resource Management
  An assessment of the importance of National Water Resources Management Policy for Sri Lanka and its  effectiveness          104
  The water regulation technology of ancient Sri Lankan reservoirs: The Bisokotuwa sluice   164
  An economic analysis of private sector bulk water consumption in the Deduruoya River Basin          105
  \Effects of water level increase in Malala lagoon on bio-physical, socio-economic systems and use of local level natural resources            132

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