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Papers are available online prior to formal editing and reviewing to promote accesability and open scholarly discussion.  Contents of the papers might change during the formal review procces. Ideas expressed in the papers are those of authors.

Business Management and  Entrepreneurship
  1. Jayaweera, Johannessan and Wickramanayake: Extending UMM with Speech Acts
  2. de Alwis: The Impact of Socio-Cultural Background on Management and  Business Practices of Selected Small and Medium Scale Businesses in Sri Lanka
  3. Gunathunga: Habermasian way of Understanding Information Systems Development in Organizations in Sri Lanka       
  4. Jayasinghe: Structure and agency in entrepreneurship research - An alternative research framework
  5. Gamage:  Are Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs motivated by the need for achievement
  6. Gamage:  Theory, Surprise and reality: Exploring the world of the Sri Lankan Entrepreneurship

Economic Development
  1. Athukorala: The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment for Economic Growth (A case study of Sri Lanka)
  2. Caron: Defining Security, Negotiating Rights: The Influence of Environmental Impact Assessment Legislation
  3. Yamane: Rethinking Vulnerability to Climate Change in Sri Lanka

Education and  Employment
  1. Hughes and Balasuriya:  Education and Employment in Sri Lanka:  A Look toward the Future
  2. Weligamage and Sengitai: Employer Needs and Graduate Skills: The Gap Between Employer Expectations and Job Expectations of Sri Lankan University Graduates National Politics

Gender and  Society
  1. Ruwanpura: Conflict and Survival: Sinhala Female –Headship in Eastern Sri Lanka
  2. Jayawardena and Senevirathna: Human Resource Management: A Post-modern Reading   
  3. Weeramunda:  Migrant Female Domestic Labor: Answer to Rural Poverty in the Context of Globalization?

  1. Gulawita: Good Governance produces a salutary effect in world politics
  2. Rajapakse: Government Audit: Review of Employees’ Attitudes on Government Audit of Public Sector Enterprises in Sri Lanka
Linguistics and Language Studies
  1. de Silva and  Premawardhena: Some Computational Aspects of Natural Language Understanding:  A Case Study on Spoken Sinhala
  2. Fernando:  The Vocabulary of Sri Lankan English: Word and Phrases  that Transform a Foreign Language into Sri Lanka’s Own
  3. Fonseka: A Sri Lanka Variety of English? Exploding Fallacy
  4. Meddegama: Depiction of Ethnic Conflicts and Riots in Modern Sinhala Fiction
  5. Premawardhena: Impact of English Loan Words on Modern Sinhala
Nutritional and Health Aspects
  1. Elankumaran: Malnutrition in Preschool Children of Jaffna Society- A Post-exodus Statistical Perspective
  2. Gunasekara, Chandrasekara and Silva: High Prevalence of Under Nutrition among Preschool Children from Low-income Group in Colombo, Sri Lanka: Impact of Low Quality and Quantity of  Nutrient Intakes
  3. Kusumarathna: Unripe and Ripe Concepts in Ayurveda and Treatment Behaviors  (A Sociological Review)
  4. Pathirana: Preschool Children and Violence: Psychological Profile
  5. Wijerathna and Gunasekera: Social and Psychological Factors Associated to Infertility and  their consequences on Quality of Life of Infertile Couples in Sri Lanka
Peace Building & Social Harmony
  1. Abeyratna - War and Ethnic Identity in an Ethnically Mixed Village Community: The Case  of Panama
  2. Korf : Graveyard of Peace? Spatial Politics and Political Geographies in Post-War Sri Lanka
  3. Mishra: Sinhala-Tamil Reconciliation and the Indian Connection
  4. Orjuela - Peaceful Identities? Multiculturalism and Civic Peace Building in Sri Lanka
  5. Hoglund and Svensson - Risking Peace: Comparing Mistrust-Reducing Strategies in the Sri Lankan Peace Processes   
Peadogogical Issues and Methods
  1. Ekanayake: Deductive Formal Proof in Geometry: Implications for Instructional Practices
  2. Fitzimmons:  Sri Lankans Playing with Mac’s: Insights into the ‘Mind Tools’ Needed for Computer Learning
  3. Karunarathna :Teaching English in Urban Sri Lanka: Some Pedagogical Issues
  4. Weerawardena: Developing Conceptual Understanding of Chemical Equilibrium through the Use of Computer-based   Visualization Software   
  5. Wckramarachchi: Perceived Stress in a Sample of G. C. E. (A/L) Students in Sri Lankan Schools
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Urban Issues
  1. Nawagamuwa:  Slums, Squatter Areas and Informal Settlements- Do They Block or Help Urban Sustainability in Developing Contexts
  2. Fernando: A Measure of Urban Livelihood Vulnerability – A Case of Colombo
  3. Wickramarachchi: Land Readjustment as a Land Management Technique for Urban Areas

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