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12th ICSLS  [ UPDATE ]

12th International Conference on Sri Lanka Studies was held on 18-20 March 2010 in Colombo,  About 250 contributed papers were presented.  Post conference updates will be available shortly


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Introduction to Sri Lanka Studies Network

Over the last 20 years International Conference on Sri Lanka Studies (ICSLS) was a formal, neutral academic venue for interactions among scholars studying Sri Lanka. After its humble beginnings at the Sussex University, the UK, the Conference was held in nine venues across four continents. The tenth conference was held at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka in 2005.

Despite increasing success of the Conference as a venue for interactions, lack of activities in between conferences was felt as a hindrance to a continuing dialogue for a clearer focus on the studies conducted and for fast dissemination of findings. The need for increased interactions among researchers was emphasized at the 9th ICSLS Business Meeting.  Sri Lanka Studies Network was subsequently inaugurated to facilitate frequent interactions among scholars studying Sri Lanka.  Activities of SLSNET are overseen currently by Sri Lanka based National Advisory Committee for the 10th ICSLS. The network membership is open to participants of the past ICSLSs.

The mission of the Sri Lanka Studies Network is knowledge networking for academic excellence. The network will harness the strengths of an international, multi disciplinary, and experienced membership to make Sri Lanka studies community more interactive and open. The rich diversity and resourcefulness of members and closer interactions will increase the impact of research through a clearer focus and better policy relevance. Network activities will include knowledge dissemination, promoting identifying and undertaking of thematic research, and facilitating dialogue leading to a sustained social science research capacity.

University of Ruhuna functions as the Sri Lanka Studies Network Nodal Point. Network activities are coordinated by the Network Secretariat under Prof. Sarath Amarasinghe, 9th ICSLS Coordinator.  SLSNetwok Newsletter is published quarterly and available electronically for free distribution.

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